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Work of Return

If you would like to attend a Work of Return workshop, have an interest in organizing a workshop in your area, or would like to learn privately from a Work of Return professional, please fill out the request form using the link below.

The Work of Return

The Work of Return is a gentle yet powerful self-healing and spiritually-awakening modality based on Jason Shulman’s exploration of wholeness and health.

In the unhealed ego’s attempt to create a fixed and unassailable sense of self, we split ourselves from the world and increase our physical, mental and spiritual suffering. Because the unhealed ego fears the truly open state, we add needlessly to our existential suffering as human beings. Instead of looking for some ideal state, the Work of Return embraces our symptoms as they are (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) as the very vehicles by which we can re-establish the dynamic openness of our Healing Self. Through a system of movement, sound and breath, we allow our symptoms to move and transform until the symptom—whether physical, emotional or spiritual—no longer stands in the way of wholeness but actually becomes an ally in our search for wholeness.

It is a practice based on the kindness of the Great Mother and the spiritual truth of Boundlessness as found in the Prajnaparamita Sutra.
The awarenesses discovered through the Work of Return heal physical and emotional symptoms by shifting belief systems, states of stress and chronic pain. This can result in the experience of a fuller sense of presence, a healthier ego, a more dynamic human life, and a deeper relationship with reality and our own nature.


This practice can be used as an addition to other psychological or meditative approaches, or on its own as a path toward spiritual awakening. It is also currently being used by many therapists as an adjunct to psychotherapy and physical therapy. 

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