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Video interview

Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker, Rev David Maginley, and Oncologist Rob Rutledge interviewed Jason. Visit also to learn more.

Something Wonderful: A New Song by Jason Shulman


The Black Lives Matter movement has changed me deeply and awakened me to the fact that there were parts of my own humanity that had not yet come fully into my consciousness. Some of these realizations were painful to go through but the pain of not seeing them would have been infinitely greater. The opportunity presented by the Black community’s rising up is something I will always be grateful for. Also, it led to this song which is part of the action I needed to take to ground my new awareness and share my art. As my passion for justice was awakened, my acute awareness of the suffering of all beings was heightened as well. To be clear: It was only through limiting my focus to Black lives matter and not generalizing that immediately to all peoples and times, that I was able to feel the dance we all make with the devil of injustice and have done so, dehumanizing this group or that, throughout history. Seeing how I had conveniently participated in injustice by my lack of awareness of one particular groups suffering allowed me to expand the lyrics of the song to include other injustices as well.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 7: Forgiveness by Jason Shulman


This episode features a recording of the Foundation for Nonduality and A Society of Souls Community Meeting from March 18th 2020. This opening message from Jason Shulman can resonate with many during this time in history, and beyond.

Never Alone: A New Music Video from Jason Shulman - A Gift of Gratitude

Video music

This video is a gift of gratitude for all the people on the front line, all the parents at home with their kids, the people worried about making a living and all of us, never alone together.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 6: Evening Prayer by Jason Shulman


I have been a musician and songwriter for most of my adult life. In the last few years, I’ve returned to writing music and composing songs. This song was written a few months before the Covid-19 emergency.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 5: There's No Life But This One with Jason Shulman


In true nonduality, we understand that a fish never leaves the water. The fish never comes to the end of the water, even if it is an explorer fish, swimming this way and that. It never comes to the end of the ocean because its nature is to be in the water.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 4: Sound of the Lamentation of Beings with Jason Shulman


A guide to this poem (with a little help from Wiki): Avalokiteśvara is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. This bodhisattva is variably depicted, described and portrayed in different cultures as either male or female. In Tibet, he is known as Chenrezig, and in Cambodia as Avloketesvar.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 3: Not So Empty Hands with Jason Shulman


Dear Friends, In this new reading, which is about idealizing the spiritual state and thereby missing the state we are in—which is the only state that actually leads us to freedom—I say Your hands need to be empty in order to receive. Well, that’s true enough for a start but not completely true. Emptying your hands, that is, laying down your previous ideas of what should be and looking at what is, is important.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 2: A Path Through the Desert with Jason Shulman


Every time I see someone succeed along some portion of their spiritual path, I am brought to tears. What does “succeed” mean in terms of a spiritual path? To me, it is not about achieving some so-called higher state; it is not about gaining new powers or equanimity or even only getting insight into a psychological state, important though that is.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 1: The Great Bear Mother with Jason Shulman


Every one of us who has attempted to walk the road of the spirit has had many encounters with the Great Bear Mother, that implacable life-force that simply cannot take “no” for an answer. All difficult moments in our lives, whether they are with partners and mates, with illness or health, with friends or foes, are actually encounters with the Great Bear.

WHAT IS LIFE? #14 Tim Freke and Jason Shulman

Video interview

Listen to inspiring conversation of Jason Shulman and Tim Freke

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