Events & Trainings

NKH Slovenia 2023

Beth Almerini and Tadeja Bradaš

Marc 2023 until December 2026

Strunjan, Slovenia, Europe

NKH New York

Eileen Marder-Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

A New Class Begins ONLINE in February 2021

New York, USA

NKH Copenhagen

Roxana Padmini

March 2018 until November 2022

Copenhagen, London

NKH Dubai

Samar Ajami

December 2018 until September 2022



An Introduction to Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

with Eileen Marder-Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

Saturday, January 9, 2021
9:30 AM 5:00 PM

Online Workshop, Cost $100

What if our desire to feel happy is not only a personal experience but also the voice of the part of us that is already whole and awakening?  And what if the human ego is not an enemy of healing and awakening but is the vehicle that opens us to a joy and spirit-filled life?

In this introduction to Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) we will explore the human journey which includes our longing for wholeness and our simultaneous resistance to change. And most surprisingly, we will explore how this resistance itself is part of the solution to our alienation and the key to being fully human.

In this workshop we will explore the Kabbalistic universes as a map of the transformation of the ego personality, from one who feels only separate to one who knows what it is like to be whole. We will engage in the practice of nondual prayer and learn the Healing of Immanence.  Many describe this healing as a life-changing turning point on their spiritual journey.

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Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

An Invitation to Study at A Society of Souls®

with Eileen Marder Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

A New Class Begins ONLINE in February 2021

New York, USA

A Society of Souls was created 25 years ago by Jason Shulman. Jason is a unique combination of modern healing master, Kabbalist and a recognized Buddhist teacher. He has seamlessly integrated theistic and non-theistic spiritual thought and practice, uniting work on the personal self—with all of its suffering and beauty—with the impersonal or transcendent. 

"On July 19, 2020 we finished a remarkable event: our first ASM meeting via Zoom. I think we are all feeling what lingers in us from that experience of being together: the taste of tenderness on our tongue after all the details of the teachings have faded. Perhaps we are feeling a new sense of possibility and wonder. I know I am.

In keeping with the sense of “wanting to heal this unhealable world” I have a clearer vision than ever before, that we need to continue to share the basic sanity and kindness that arises from this work, qualities that were so evident in our gathering. 

To that end, I’ve asked Jeff and Eileen if they wouldn’t mind my reaching out to all of you to ask you to support the gathering of the new Nondual Kabbalistic Healing class, slated to begin in February of 2021.

Attached to this note you’ll find clickable attachments that describe the entire four-year program and the details of how to apply. Will you be kind enough to share this with a few friends you think might be interested in this work? 

In the beginning of our training, we all saw the sign on the table where we put our healing objects that said: “I place this here for my friends and companions along this path of healing.” I’m sending this letter—placing it on the altar table so to speak—in the same spirit. Let’s have more people in this suffering world have the choice to delve deeply into this healing world we all hold so dearly.





Spirituality & Cancer

Video interview

Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker, Rev David Maginley, and Oncologist Rob Rutledge interviewed Jason. Visit also to learn more.

Something Wonderful: A New Song by Jason Shulman


The Black Lives Matter movement has changed me deeply and awakened me to the fact that there were parts of my own humanity that had not yet come fully into my consciousness. Some of these realizations were painful to go through but the pain of not seeing them would have been infinitely greater. The opportunity presented by the Black community’s rising up is something I will always be grateful for. Also, it led to this song which is part of the action I needed to take to ground my new awareness and share my art. As my passion for justice was awakened, my acute awareness of the suffering of all beings was heightened as well. To be clear: It was only through limiting my focus to Black lives matter and not generalizing that immediately to all peoples and times, that I was able to feel the dance we all make with the devil of injustice and have done so, dehumanizing this group or that, throughout history. Seeing how I had conveniently participated in injustice by my lack of awareness of one particular groups suffering allowed me to expand the lyrics of the song to include other injustices as well.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 7: Forgiveness by Jason Shulman


This episode features a recording of the Foundation for Nonduality and A Society of Souls Community Meeting from March 18th 2020. This opening message from Jason Shulman can resonate with many during this time in history, and beyond.

Never Alone: A New Music Video from Jason Shulman - A Gift of Gratitude

Video music

This video is a gift of gratitude for all the people on the front line, all the parents at home with their kids, the people worried about making a living and all of us, never alone together.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 6: Evening Prayer by Jason Shulman


I have been a musician and songwriter for most of my adult life. In the last few years, I’ve returned to writing music and composing songs. This song was written a few months before the Covid-19 emergency.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 5: There's No Life But This One with Jason Shulman


In true nonduality, we understand that a fish never leaves the water. The fish never comes to the end of the water, even if it is an explorer fish, swimming this way and that. It never comes to the end of the ocean because its nature is to be in the water.