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Eileen Marder-Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

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Every time I see someone succeed along some portion of their spiritual path, I am brought to tears. What does “succeed” mean in terms of a spiritual path? To me, it is not about achieving some so-called higher state; it is not about gaining new powers or equanimity or even only getting insight into a psychological state, important though that is.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 2: A Path Through the Desert with Jason Shulman


Every one of us who has attempted to walk the road of the spirit has had many encounters with the Great Bear Mother, that implacable life-force that simply cannot take “no” for an answer. All difficult moments in our lives, whether they are with partners and mates, with illness or health, with friends or foes, are actually encounters with the Great Bear.

Healing into Awakening - Episode 1: The Great Bear Mother with Jason Shulman


Listen to inspiring conversation of Jason Shulman and Tim Freke

WHAT IS LIFE? #14 Tim Freke and Jason Shulman

Video interview

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

An Invitation to Study at A Society of Souls®

With Eileen Marder-Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

Eileen Marder Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

A Society of Souls was created 25 years ago by Jason Shulman. Jason is a unique combination of modern healing master, Kabbalist and a recognized Buddhist teacher. He has seamlessly integrated theistic and non-theistic spiritual thought and practice, uniting work on the personal self—with all of its suffering and beauty—with the impersonal or transcendent. 

Our class follows a healing path that has the potential to bring each person into intimate relationship with the whole of Reality. 

We are now forming a new four-year training program in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing® which will begin in October 2020 in New York City with senior teachers Eileen Marder-Mirman and Jeff Ellias-Frankel

Starting October 23, 24, 25, 2020

New York, USA

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