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The Teachers

Brenda Carter Blessings

Brenda Carter Blessings


Brenda Carter Blessings is a senior teacher and supervisor with A Society of Souls. She began studying with Jason Shulman, founder of A Society of Souls, in 1994 and joined A Society of Soul’s teaching staff in 2001. In addition, she has held many other roles within ASOS, including director of the school and dean of teachers. She is currently teaching NKH and is the teacher and director of the Nondual Teachers in the Marketplace training program. Brenda received dharma transmission from Jason in 2010. For over 30 years, she has been integrating spirituality and alternative healing in her nondual healing/spiritual counseling practice as an interfaith minister. She is a master teacher and guide and has led numerous classes and retreats online and throughout the United States and Europe. Her website is

Brenda’s spiritual philosophy:


Nonduality is the true nature of the world, a Unity which is empty and full, in ever-changing relationship, a dance of the known and the unknown. In daily human life, we often do not notice the Unity of All That Is as we are caught in the trance of constantly noticing only individual things, separate and apart, while also labeling each thing as good or bad, having the right to exist or not and taking actions based on those perceptions. To reduce life to things only, to the known only, is to take out the actual life in our lives as we are living them. To awaken and heal into the nondual nature of the world is the path of noticing with compassion the dynamic unfolding of being and the mystery and spaciousness that connects all beings. This perception dramatically shifts our capacity to reclaim this imperfect, limited, beautiful and precious human life and for compassion in action.

Jeff Ellias-Frankel

Jeff Ellias-Frankel


Jeff Ellias-Frankel, Ph.D., is a senior teacher and supervisor with A Society of Souls. He began his studies with ASOS in 1999 and began teaching in 2004. He has been practicing as a clinical/community psychologist for more than 40 years. Currently, he directs a group practice in New Jersey. He is particularly interested in the integration of psychological and spiritual perspectives. He has designed and led a variety of workshops and retreats both nationally and internationally. He has been co-leading classes in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing in NYC with Eileen Marder-Mirman since 2014.

Jeff's website:

Jeff’s Spiritual Philosophy:

'To be blessed' is to be reminded of the unbreakable connection to one’s Source. I have been blessed by family, friends, teachers, and students. The well of gratitude which such blessings bring is the place from which I teach. The often difficult journey of being human is enriched beyond words by our deep and wide understanding of who we are. The instrument of this understanding is the heart-mind. When this opens, our view broadens so that nothing changes and nothing is the same.

Eileen Marder-Mirman

Eileen Marder-Mirman


Eileen Marder-Mirman is a senior teacher and supervisor with A Society of Souls. She began her studies with ASOS in 1997 and has been on the teaching staff since 2003. For more than 40 years, she has specialized in integrating spirituality and alternative healing in her nondual psychotherapy/healing practice. She is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York State and has lead numerous healing retreats in the U.S. and Europe. She has been co-leading classes in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing in NYC with Jeff Ellias-Frankel since 2014.

Eileen's website:


Eileen's Spiritual Philosophy:

There is a place deep inside of us that yearns to heal and to be whole, to wake up to reality and to know the truth. Through a relationship with others on a healing path, we touch this territory, allowing our truest nature to unfold, which includes our difficulties and awakens us to the preciousness of ordinary life. This process is sacred, creating a fertile ground for the blossoming of true creativity, kindness and the ability to be with life. Kindness is having a kind heart toward ourselves and others. Engaging with this kind attitude changes everything.

Roxana Padmini

Roxana Padmini


Roxana Padmini teaches the Nondual Kabbalistic Healing Training in Europe and runs a private healing practice both for individuals and couples. She has taught tantra retreats worldwide, specializing in working with women and couples. As a former Steiner school teacher, she brings a playful sincerity to the inner journey. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and is trained in shiatsu, couples therapy, and holistic sex education.

Roxana's website

Roxana’s spiritual philosophy:


Within the NKH curriculum I have found both inspiration and a realizable replicable path that honors the enduring urge we have towards freedom and self-realization. The kindness at the heart of this approach and the focus on cultivating practices that awaken and heal the ego bring spiritual awakening into everyday living and ongoing learning. This body of work awakens the heart and transforms how we relate to all aspects of Life, deepening our contact and compassion. This is how I wish to live, and to be able to offer this path to others is a profound blessing.

Samar Ajami

Samar Ajami


Samar Ajami is a healer and Senior Teacher at A Society of Souls. A passionate traveler and a life-long learner, Samar has studied at leading healing schools around the world. She is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, a Brennan Healing Science graduate, a Rebirther and a Wellness Management Coach. Fluent in both Arabic & English, Samar has translated the Jin Shin Jyutsu books into Arabic. Samar’s practice is focused on cultivating a heart-centered relationship with the self, others, and all of life. Her work is rooted in self-kindness and in the understanding of the human condition.
Samar's website

Samar’s spiritual philosophy:


“How can we see beyond our conditioning in order to allow a more deeply integrated vision of reality to enter our lives and work?”   -- Jason Shulman

A true relationship with all of life can only be established when we realize that we are not separate individuals only, but rather integral forces of creation in a participatory universe. Awakening happens when we become aware of the totality of our being and no longer avoid the truth of our life in a world of opposites. We awaken to everything: our suffering and also to our unending delight.

Tadeja Bradaš

Tadeja Bradaš


After a successful career in computer engineering, Tadeja trained in various healing modalities and transitioned to being a full-time healer and therapist. in 2003, working with individuals, families, and groups both locally and internationally. In 2010 she began her studies with Jason Shulman, founder of A Society of Souls. She has stayed deeply connected to the school as an advanced student and apprentice teacher. Tadeja has since developed her own curriculum in nondual ethics, which she teaches in Serbia and Slovenia. She is currently writing a book on the psychology of the immune system. She believes strongly that the ever-changing universe offers enduring potential for healing.
Tadeja's website

Tadeja’s spiritual philosophy:


The foundation of my spiritual work and teaching is a relationship, and the central relationship we have is with ourselves. The healing process starts with change and true change begins with a relationship with what is actually present in the now. To do that, we need to feel safe enough to step out of the small box we thought was our entire world. We need guides, teachers, and companions. We need a helping hand and a place of openheartedness, compassion, and kindness. Then we can face our smallest self and the rejected and disliked parts of ourselves and relate to them with a tender heart. Our true nature is awakening and healing.

Beth Almerini

Beth Almerini


Beth has been inspired by mysticism and motherhood, the beauty of life and the mystery of death. She brings passion, creativity and humor to her teaching and has the ability to bring the esoteric down to earth. A lifelong student of religion and spirituality, Beth began her Nondual Kabbalistic Healing studies in 2005, with A Society of Souls founder Jason Shulman. She has continued to nourish her curiosity about nonduality through advanced study and as a teaching apprentice. Beth has been a hospice nurse for 30 years, is an End of Life Doula, and teaches and mentors aspiring Doulas. Her healing practice focuses on individuals and families both locally and internationally.

Beth’s spiritual philosophy:


“Everything that is allowed to exist exists in Light” --Jason Shulman

There was a time when this phrase made no sense to me: surely only the ‘good’ things existed in Light, and the ‘bad’, difficult, or ugly things existed in some dark place that was best avoided. I didn’t realize that this way of thinking splits the world in a way that caused suffering, as I ran from, ignored, or tried to suppress what I was sure could not possibly exist in Light.  The truth I came to learn is that the world is One and Light is present in each person, each encounter, and all created things. All things, our joys and sorrows, our kindness and pettiness, our triumphs and failings- have a place, and nothing needs to be exiled. Being able to perceive the Oneness of the world in this way brings us to a space that is at once both new and familiar, a place of deep transformation. This is the place I am blessed to know, and that I am grateful to share with others.

Rachel Zimmer

Rachel Zimmer


Rachel is a wife and mother, a teacher and healer and a lifelong student of self-exploration and our deep connectedness to all things .  Her interest in healing began as a teen, when she became ill and unable to get well through conventional medicine. It was through Nondual Healing work she was finally able to reclaim her physical and spiritual wellness.  Her healing inspired her and thus, she has dedicated her adult life to learn the techniques and practices to heal and teach others.  She has dedicated all of her time to her own private healing practice and is excited and honored now to be co- teaching the transformational work of Nondual Shamanism and helping others towards finding their own pathway to wholeness.

Rachel’s website

Tove Borgendale

Tove Borgendale


Tove Borgendale is a life-long student, a mother, a visual artist, and a teacher of Nondual Shamanism. She began her studies with ASOS in 2006 and has been apprenticing with Jason Shulman since 2017. Tove has over 25 years of experience
working with complex and preverbal trauma and takes a holistic approach to healing body/mind/spirit and heart. She is licensed as a massage therapist with a focus in PTSD and developmental trauma as it relates directly to befriending, honoring and trusting our bodies. She also teaches multiple topics in Polyvagal Theory to therapists and bodyworkers. Tove has found immense kindness in the practices of Nondual Shamanism. She appreciates being able to accompany people wherever they may be on their journey as they experience the deep belonging and continuous embodiment of their own holiness reflected in the world.
Tove’s website

Henrik Nordmark

image (3).png

Henrik Nordmark is a dedicated teacher and practitioner of healing and awakening modalities. Henrik's teaching style fosters curiosity and playfulness. He is known for his skill of explaining complex concepts simply. Whether leading classes, workshops, or retreats, he passionately guides others on their spiritual journeys, creating a nurturing and transformative learning environment. Henrik has studied nonduality with Jason Shulman since 2007. He has explored and trained in a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities, holds ordination as an interfaith minister from the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, and possesses a multidisciplinary academic background with degrees in Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Business. Henrik also works as a consultant and researcher in science and technology. Henrik will co-lead Nondual Kabbalistic Healing classes in North America with Shelah Stein starting in 2024.

Henrik’s website:

Henrik’s Spiritual Philosophy:

Kindness is the most important guiding force I have discovered. When we extend kindness towards others and ourselves including all our neuroses and shortcomings, we are able to heal and awaken. I encourage you to be playful, curious and kind as you go on a journey towards greater wholeness that includes more of who you are, and which embraces life's richness.

Henrik Nordmark
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