Healings with Jason


Returning to the World of Red Dust

In 1978, after having been extremely ill for several years with what turned out to be Lyme disease—a disease unknown at that time—I went to see a medical intuitive who told me that I was meant to be a healer. This surprising thought, about an area I had little interest in, began a revolution in my thinking and being and eventually led to dedicating my life to creating a path of healing that was at once kind and replicable and that asked for the healer themselves to be healing in order to heal others.
Now, forty years later, after creating this path and passing it on to others, in addition to my teaching duties, I am returning to my first love: healing others. In addition to full, multi-universe hour-long sessions using the disciplines of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and Nondual Shamanism, I am also going to offer thirty-minute healings that will focus exclusively on physical problems. These healings will not take into account any psychological or spiritual underpinnings of the type NKH deals with so effectively but will focus on healing (to the best of my ability) physical manifestations of illness in a narrow and focused way. I call these healings The Cup of Kindness.

How to Book Sessions

You can book sessions online through a secure and private booking system on this website. Please click on Book a Session with Jason.

If you anticipate wanting more than one healing, The Cup of Kindness healings are always best done in at least two to three successive sessions. I suggest you book them now as the schedule will fill up rapidly. You can cancel without penalty 48 hours ahead of your appointment.

As with any art such as healing, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t. I will always do my best but cannot guarantee results.

Important: Please add acuityscheduling.com to your address book to allow you to receive reminders as your healing dates and payment options approach. 

Nondual Kabbalistic and Shamanic Healings

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One hour sessions

These healing sessions may use any or all of the disciplines and tools created by Jason Shulman, all of which form the basis of the work of A Society of Souls. These include the Diagnostic Process and the many healings of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing. They may also, when applicable, use the consciousness and tools of Nondual Shamanism such as the perspective of nonduality known as continuity/density, bucolic mind, and other advanced understandings. As these healings use the Diagnostic Process and other nondual approaches, a portion of the healing is devoted to discussing the problem to find the correct approach for each individual. These are in-depth healings and work with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual difficulties.

The Cup of Kindness Healing

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30 minutes sessions

The Cup of Kindness healing, recently developed by Jason, represents his ongoing relationship with the Great Mother and arose as he learned to meet her love with his love. This healing concentrates exclusively on healing physical problems and discussion is more limited than in hour-long healings. Instead, Jason works with the injury or illness directly on the physical level. Sometimes there are additional insights that Jason will share at the end of the healing, but the focus is predominately on alleviating the physical complaint.