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Continuing Notes on Nonduality and Healing


The heart and bones of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing are made of nonduality. By this I mean that NKH was both generated from the nondual view—it was born from it—and uses that understanding to bring healing to both the healer and the client by skillfully engaging the profound interconnectivity that makes our world alive and vibrant. As I continue to do healings and explore NKH, I have encountered endless depths which open up new avenues of thought and lead to new approaches to the practice of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and the many other disciplines of A Society of Souls: Impersonal Movement, the Work of Return, and Nondual Shamanism. These days I document my deepening connection with this work through small, advanced essays that travel over the territory of healing in ever more pleasurable ways. From time to time, I am going to share them for beginning and experienced healers alike.


Please enjoy!

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