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Information for NDS 2020 Training

Jason suggests that all applicants read portions of The Nondual Shaman: A Contemporary Shamanistic Path and Thoroughgoing Path for Awakening the Self in order to better inform your decision to take this training.
→ Please click this link to order the book.


  1. Online Training:
    The Nondual Shaman™ will be required to have seven, seventy-five-minute live online video sessions. Students will also be required to meet occasionally with their small groups in between meetings.

  2. In-Person Retreat:
    We will finish our study together with an in-person five-day retreat. Since this is a new approach to shamanism, there is no substitute for having face-to-face interactions with fellow voyagers and the teacher. Our work will be both rigorous and informal, with plenty of time to enjoy the specifics of voyaging in a beautiful natural environment, along with conversation, direct teachings and practicum.

The tuition is $175 per student per online session based on four participants in each session. The five-day retreat tuition is $1200, plus room and board.

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