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A Society of Souls is both a meeting place of the heart and training in healing and spiritual awakening. It is a school, a path and a community for seekers of the truth, explorers into the nature of reality and, most important, for those seeking a transformation of being that will lead to an opening into the true heart of life.


The Work of Jason Shulman

The basis of the healing path created by Jason Shulman is kindness and a generosity of spirit that honors the struggles and imperfections of human beings in a world of constant change. It simultaneously relies on the existence of our already-awakened, already-enlightened nature as the fundamental gravitational pull which leads toward living a life where the absolute and relative worlds are united into a fully human life of true nonduality.


What is ASOS?

The work of ASOS—Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Impersonal Movement, the Work of Return, the MAGI Process and Nondual Voyaging, are direct transmissions of Jason Shulman’s realizations of the nondual nature of reality. They are reliable and replicable methodologies for understanding and experiencing the nondual perspective. Jason founded ASOS on his understanding that the greatest healing we can do—whether it is of the body, mind, emotions or spirit—is the healing of our limited view of what it means to be a human being.

The world is already unified. All of its many parts—including ourselves—are already engaged in an unalterable, single wholeness. All ASOS programs explore this fundamental nondual understanding of reality by healing and integrating the human ego into its proper, healthy relationship with the impersonal transcendent self. It is a path in which we are invited to live the healing unity of the co-dependently arising absolute and relative worlds in our single, human life.

A Society of Souls® (ASOS) is at once a school, a path and a community of seekers and explorers of reality. Most important, it is a place for those who seek to transform their being and open to the true heart of life. We invite you to find out more.

We honor and cherish the lineage of those who fall down and get up, as we awaken and heal into our true selves.

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