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Awakening is the healing of the human soul

Programs - NKH
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Year Three

(4) four-day weekends

Year Three of the training is profoundly exciting and healing, as students begin to integrate various aspects of the first two years’ teachings into a new dynamic whole and are guided into using this foundational understanding to the explore the world of healing and awakening in deeper and more fundamental ways.


In this year, we drop further into the understandings of NKH, exploring the theory, principles and truth of the Kabbalah, as well as other diverse paradigms, ranging from ancient Egyptian thought to recent advances in quantum physics and modern psychological insight, all held within the understandings of the nondual nature of reality. We begin to awaken in a real way, in our day to day lives, to the relationship of the relative world of the personal and the world of the absolute or emptiness.


A main focus of Year Three is learning the Diagnostic Process of NKH and eight healings, which go directly to the heart of what it means to be a human being. The Diagnostic Process is an exquisite healing process in and of itself, bringing the healer and the client into ever deepening levels of relationship and intimacy. The Diagnostic Process is compassionate action. In the Diagnostic Process, both the healer and client awaken in relationship and, in so doing, invite in new and profound levels of possibility and healing.


Unlike most diagnostic schemas, the NKH diagnostic process is based on our ability to perceive our clients in all of their complexity, rather than reducing them to their symptoms in order to characterize them. Through practice in dyads and small groups, we learn that when we are receptive to all forms of information and to what is now occurring in relationship, then the holographic nature of the universe is revealed, so that both client and healer are healed. At this level of training, we are now practicing NKH healings in the world and receiving supervision with an NKH supervisor.


As we come to practice, understand and eventually master each of these healings—and as we experience the roles of both healer and client—the NKH healings usher in profound shifts and changes in our personal lives and consciousness—changes we could not have imagined or perhaps even understood before. As we deepen into these healings, we gain confidence that we will be able to assist others in making similar shifts in their lives.


Year Three fulfills the promise of deep personal transformation. Palpable, visible and sometimes dramatic, this transformation occurs on all levels of our being. We have a much more accurate understanding and relationship to who we are and where we are, and we can see more clearly where our work lies ahead of us on the path of healing.


By the end of Year Three, we are very different people than we were when we arrived on the first day of training. Moreover, our understanding of the nature of reality has undergone a similarly alchemical shift. There is a new sense of freedom to be who we are and to engage with life as a whole.

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