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Awakening is the healing of the human soul

Programs - NKH
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Year One

(4) three-day weekends

In Year One, we are initiated into ASOS, a community devoted to the work of healing ourselves, others and the world. From the first day of class, we begin to form an intimate community that will support us throughout the training.

In Year One, we immerse ourselves in the understanding that relationship is the fundamental condition of this universe. Everything exists in relationship, and it is only in learning how to be in relationship with who we are, as we are right now, with our imperfections and suffering, that we can truly heal. 

We begin the work of healing the personal self, which includes learning to engage with questions around the nature of life and death, reclaiming our kinesthetic sense, our natural ability to be awake in our bodies and the deconstructing of the historical wounding of our childhood and cultural beliefs and patterns that keep us locked in separation, including our relationship to time and space and the unknown.

All of the meditations, exercises and practices of Year One are designed to awaken and heal the personality and the unhealed ego, the one who sees himself/herself and the world through the eyes of a separate-only being.

During this year, we become more embodied, more present and more whole as we reclaim our original and authentic ways of knowing and living.

The work of Year One sets the stage for our introduction to the language of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing as we create the inner conditions necessary to be able to hold the states of consciousness that will be taught in years two through four.

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